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South Padre Charter Boat

South Padre Charter Boat

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The REEL Madness, heading out of the local South Padre Island fishing grounds for a full day of sport fishing. The REEL Madness is skippered by Captain Todd Lohry.

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Texas saltwater fishing.

If you are in the South Padre fishing region you might just see Captain Todd and his South Padre charter boat, the REEL Madness.

South Padre Deep Sea Fishing

This South Padre deep sea fishing boat is very easy to spot. The easiest way to spot this Texas fishing boat is to look for the crew with "Fish-On' that's have the best fishing time of their life. OR you could look for the REEL Madness herself, a good looking sleek 38 foot Delta Sportfish with 3208 Caterpillar engines cruising across the pristine blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

While cruising to the next South Padre fishing spot her passengers can rest up and relax in the salon's nice cold air conditioning that will give a hot angler a nice cool break from the hot heat of the Texas sun. She also sleeps 6 for those overnight trips.

South Texas Sportfishing Boat the REEL Madness

When you go fishing in South Padre on this charter boat you can already see that you will fish in total comfort. But what's comfort without total safety? The REEL Madness is equipped with all the latest electronic fishing and safety gear. Some of the items of interest include: 

  • Complete selection of updated electronic gear.
  • VHF Radio
  • GPS
  • Fish Finders
  • Loran
  • Radar
  • More safety gear like epirb
  • Complete compliment of Coast Guard recommended safety gear that includes life jackets, throw rings, flares, and all the gear to make sure you fish in total 100% safety.


We Use All Top Quality Fishing Gear and Equipment

Sportfishing Gear

When you fish on a South Padre charter boat you do not have to worry about bringing any gear at all. You may bring the personal items listed below but as far as what's needed to catch big fish, we supply everything.

We supply rods, reels, lures and all tackle needed to hook, fight, and land a South Padre big game sport fish. That also include gear for wreck or reef fishing for grouper or snapper.

We use top gear that features the quality of Penn and Shimano.
Shimano fishing gear

What to bring on a South Padre charter boat:

A food, drink and fish cooler

Bring a cooler for food and drinks. Ask your charter boat Captain how large of a cooler you will need to carry your fish home in.

A sports bag to carry all your personal fishing gear

A sports bag is a good idea to bring for carrying your rain gear, hat, glasses etc and other personal items that you need on a saltwater charter fishing trip.

Bring chicken, subs, and sandwiches or whatever you want to eat. Bring your drinks - Ask the Captain if he allows beer.

Bring all your food and drinks. If you want to bring beer you should clear it with your charter boat Captain first.

Foul weather gear - Optional

If you will be fishing in foul or rainy weather then you may want to bring some gear to keep you dry. Not as important on boats with covers and cabins like the REEL Madness.

Bring polarized sun glasses to block the suns glare

Bring sun glasses. Preferably polarized fishing glasses to lessen the sun's glare that reflects up off the water. South Padre sun has a powerful glare so bring the glasses to protect your eyes.

A camera or video camera for pictures

Bring a camera to take snapshots of those big fish you catch or video of the beautiful waters of Texas, South Padre Island, and Laguna Madre region..

Fishing hats to block sun burn

A hat or ball cap is a good idea, especially for you guys that are getting a bit thin on top. Protect your head from the sun's burning rays.

If you get seasick then motion sickness pills would be a very good idea

If you get sea sick or aren't sure if you get sea sick then it is a very wise idea to take your Dramamine before you leave the dock. Nothing can ruin a fishing trip worse than a guy named "RALPH".

Sun screen so you won't burn

The Texas and South Padre fishing region can get very hot during the summer. Make sure you bring sunscreen, especially if you burn. If you have sunburn then you can't enjoy your South Padre charter fishing trip.

Bring cash to tip the boat's mate - TIP HIM WELL!

You probably already paid for the trip but you should make sure you have some cash in pocket so you can tip the First Mate. Being Mate on a charter boat is not easy work and these guys deserve every dime they get. Tip them well!

Come fish aboard our

South Padre Charter Boat

 "REEL Madness"

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